Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where There's A Will There's A Whiskey

Bro Rule #867- There can ALWAYS be more burn.

You can totally mix a drink without disrupting its alcohol content. And if there is anyone whose word you should take on that it is a college student. In a recent quest for Fireball Whisky, to no avail, I came to the conclusion I usually arrive at- I can do it myself. Despite the interwebs having no directions whatsoever for making your own, my little project was a success anyway. And now, there ARE directions on the internet.

Here it goes!

The Ingredients:

I like Red Hots, but your favorite cinnamon candy will do just fine. I also threw in a few Chewy Atomic Fireballs for funsies.

Jack Daniels is my whiskey of choice. Again, any will do. Be warned- crappy whiskey will make crappy Fireball Whiskey. This process doesn't mask the flavor, it just enhances it with an awesome sweet cinnamon finish.

To layer the flavors even further, check out that bad boy in the picture below. That's a cinnamon stick. Throw it in, shake it up, and let it steep for a day or two, but no more than that. It'll get a bit rank if you leave it too long.

Toss about a cup of cinnamon candies into a saucepan. Add about 5 tablespoons of whiskey to the mix and turn on the heat to a low-medium. You don't want to burn your candy- more like a slow melt. I dilute it with whiskey instead of water so as not to dilute the drink, but if you want to tone down the strength of the whiskey water works too. Just don't melt the candies dry. The mess will be no bueno and you can kiss your cookware goodbye.

Yes, that's a tree on my thumb nail. Moving right along.

After a few minutes of constant stirring it'll look like this:

Much foam, a delicious invigorating smell, and complete opacity. If you notice it getting too sticky or thick, add more liquid. You don't want it to re-solidify.

When it gets to this point you should have pure liquid, no solid pieces. Note- if you used the Atomic Fireball Chewies I spoke of, they won't melt totally. You'll have to strain those out at the end. Then eat them because they're tasty and whiskey saturated.

Let it sit over low simmering heat until it starts getting glassy. Then pour in the rest of the whiskey TO THE POT. If you don't put it on over the heat it won't combine properly. Don't heat it too long- just a couple minutes to stir it together. Because as we know, heat makes the alcohol go away. :( You can use whatever whiskey to candy syrup ratio you like. I used equal parts of each to delicious results, but feel free to experiment and comment with your results!

Enjoy, and remember to be safe.