Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hey Man, Check Out My Sweet New Blog!

The infamously needy HappyBurger, my trusty sidekick.
I love to read blogs. Love it. I decided late last night, as my eyes began to burn and the clever words of my favorite bloggers began to blur on the screen, that it was time for me to join the community. And here we are! In the throes of Hurricane Irene, I am cozied up on my couch, with my faithful pooch and a cup of hibiscus tea, beginning what I'm sure will become a daily habit. The question remains- what will I blog about? I could have contemplated that as I lay awake at 4am last night listening to She and Him, but my delusional late-night thoughts really were not where I wanted to begin this little project. Instead, I'm deciding right now, as my old man pup Happy paws at my keyboard, that I will see what manifests and roll with it. Why not? I don't believe in planning. That's my mother's forte. This nut fell miles away from the tree my friends. Enjoy!

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