Saturday, January 7, 2012

Autumn Blew The Quilt Right Off The Perfect Bed She Made.

First and foremost, allow it to be noted that the title of this entry is one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists, Iron and Wine.

I'm obsessed with the passing of time, and the seasons, and  everything symbolic of either of the two. Which explains my love of that song and my love of the Fall. The colors coming to life around us are the ultimate symbol of change and the fleeting quality of life. And so I was ecstatic to see a picture of roses made of leaves on the interwebs somewhere. I took the idea, and my roommate, and rolled with it. Literally. We rode our bikes through the beautiful Stockton campus collecting leaves to make into roses for our Thanksgiving Day table centerpieces. The mess we brought into our apartment was completely worth the end results.

This picture is courtesy of my beautiful roommate Katie. I do believe it does the project visual justice.

 Essentially, all you have to do is gather leaves with points, fold down the points, and roll them up around each other with decreasing tension until it looks like a rose. Then wrap up the stems in something pretty. I chose yarn leftover from a coffee cup cozy I knitted myself.

The end result is nothing without a visual of the in-progress. Our other roommate had quite the surprise when she returned home from gaming club:

So. Many. Leaves. 

We also met a few nice bugs who got carried into our apartment among the leaves.

Aside from not having any actual vases in our apartment, I love bottles, and thought the Jack Daniels one gave it more of a rustic touch somehow. Despite that, my mother liked them enough when I brought them home to her to put them in our living room. Which is alot considering my mom's OCD tendencies when it comes to what comes and goes in her house.

The best part is, they've been there now for over 2 months, and though the leaves are dried and fragile, they've completely kept their shape. On our coffee table, they're a reminder of one of the best fall nights I ever had making them.

Maybe they look a little sad now. But I still think they're beautiful.

Here's a link to a DIY page better explaining how to do this. Though if you look at her flowers compared to mine, they look alot different. It all really depends on how tight you roll them in the center and how many leaves you use. Regardless, it explains the basics so you can try it and perfect your own technique. I hope you have as much fun as I did!

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